When I dance...
I feel waves of ecstasy pulsing through my veins 
Cleansing me of the densities that have once left me feeling numb, confused and slightly insane 
When I dance...
Every sense of this human experience is heightened
Effortlessly melting away the tensions of body and mind creating space for all that is naturally aligned 
In this moment, I am enlightened 
This movement medicine is a gift
I feel it deep within my bones
Activating soul codes within my DNA, re-wiring belief patterns, excreting the old and obsolete
Cracking my heart open for all the world to see
This flow is so in harmony it never skips a beat
In this peaceful state I feel cradled and soothed
As I receive the essence of a universal tone reminding me that I AM YOU
With deep bows of gratitude
I give many thanks for my ability to move


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