Asheeliyah is an artist, dancer, jokester, healer, and teacher born and raised in the red rock valley of Moab Utah. She believes all living beings are gifted with the opportunity to evolve and heal. The root of this healing stems from our connection to the Earth and the eternal Spirit that moves through all things. Asheeliyah feels the collective condition of the human soul and how it yearns for Spirit to be illuminated and authentically expressed. through our human form. Overtime she has learned that the deepest levels of transformation come through total and complete surrender to Divine will,  gratitude, humility, and an unwavering choosing to cultivate deeper levels of Self awareness. It has become Asheeliyah's life mission to hold an intentional, safe and unconditionally loving space for others in her work as a facilitator, healer, and guide.    


Asheeliyah is a Licensed and registered Massage and Yoga Therapist of seven years. She received training through the Inbody Yoga Academy and Healing Mountain Massage in Salt Lake City, Utah, Milne Institute in Berkeley California (Cranial Sacral), and DeepFeet Bar Therapy (Ashiatsu) in Kehei Maui.  Asheeliyah is also certified in Thai Yoga, Hypnotherapy, Plant Spirit Medicine Kinesiology, Theta Healing, Reiki Level 1-4, & Quantum Touch. 

A session with Asheeliyah is more than a massage. Her quality of touch is beyond what anyone can be taught. Her journey as a healer began with her fascination with energy work. Asheeliyah's intuitive hands offer a lazer point precision that addresses much more than just the physical body. Her passion for healing through touch continues to grow and evolve each day.


Asheeliyah is a Co-Founder and Producer of Kauai's 1st Annual Yoga and Peace Festival in 2018. Bringing community together in a transformational setting is one of Asheeliyah's greatest joys and lifelong service. 

In 2011, Asheeliyah began her yoga instruction working with drug & alcohol recovery and cancer patients in Salt Lake City Utah. She received her Yoga Therapy training with Dana Baptiste's InBody teacher training. Since than, Asheeliyah has shared her joy of yoga through offering her services in private Yoga Therapy sessions for individuals and small groups.  With the support of her educational background in massage and energy work, her classes are intuitively guided to suit the needs of the participants with grace and depth.

~Shakti Dancer

Asheeliyah has been dancing and singing her whole life. She was introduced to the world of Modern Dance in 2006 at the University of Utah. She instantly fell in love with this form of expression and proceeded to study various different styles of movement to further gain awareness of her bodies ability to express itself.  It quickly became apparent that dance was more to her than just performance. For Asheeliyah,  dance serves as a vehicle for healing and transformation, story telling and psychosomatic release. 

In 2012, Asheeliyah received the insight that women need a safe container to express what she that time called "The Sexy Dance". It occurred to her that she and other women she had spoken with shared a deeply seeded desire to express their primal, sensual selves in a container that fully supports and honors the sanctity of this expression. To her knowledge there were no places and/or temporary containers where this expression was being held or practiced as a medicine journey for the sisterhood. Hence, the "Sacred Shakti Dance" was birthed. 

She could hear the cries of "Woman", lifetimes of suppression, shame, and disempowerment. Now is the time for us to come forward, fully self-realized in our most authentic expression and power!

It has become a divine mission for Asheeliyah to show up in service to the Divine Earth Mother energy, to create this sacred container for the healing of all women. For millennia of time, women have gathered in temples, sharing there gifts of art and healing with each other and their communities.  It is time to bring the Temple back. It is important to do our personal healing work, it is also important to acknowledge that we can't do it alone. We need each other to serve as divine reflections, as witness to our shedding of layers, to invoke the God/Goddess within, to hold each other accountable while allowing for a full embodied presence that has never been seen before. 



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