Ritual Prayerformance

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With the audience serving as both the recipient and sacred witness, our mission is to offer transmission of natures pure, raw and authentic force of 

Divine Love, Union, and Power


Elemental Movement Arts Presents


Multi-Sensory Journey of Prayerful Illumination

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~ALOHA Kauai Yoga & Peace Festival~

I had the humble pleasure to witness a Fire Ceremony Prayerformance and was captivated by every moment. Asheeliyah and the group channeled a sacred Earth magic that moved through their feet, hips, and fingertips. I have experienced different fire performances from India to Burning Man and this was one of the most special I have seen. The performers moved with prayerful intention and warming radiance. They flowed with the mana of the Earth. I look forward to the next time I get to experience their art.

~Grant LaCorte : Artist and Designer at QNTM Media

~Unveiled Prayerformance~

WOW. just wow. Look at all those beautiful happy smiling glorious faces, facing their fears. Women coming together, healing our wounds, our resentments, dancing together towards the light. Shining in our glorious beauty, unravelling our webs of self induced oppression, going beyond the male oppression and forging a new path towards divine light, love and dance. @Asheeliyah Insha, you are an inspiration. You refused to let us be divided. Thank you for such an amazing wonderful shaktified night.  Asheeliyah, your medicine is strong. Spread it far and wide and please hurry back. We will miss you and the shakti dance. But the world is your oyster and is calling you. We'll be here to give you a warm shakti shakedown when you come back. Thank you sisters. Thank you so much. 


~Unveiled Prayerformance~

After the Unveiled Prayerformance ceremony I was so blown away by its Amazing power, that I truly needed few days to put my feelings into words! 
So here is my poetic testimony:
Sacred Sisterhood rising! Inspiring feelings arising! Sharing songs, prayers and dances! Taking it to a higher levels!
Connecting, feeling, uniting.
Multisensory experience combining: ancient, modern, sacred and fun!
Great job Asheeliyah - so well spun

~Anya Love : Kauai Yoga on the Beach

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