~Sisterhood Ritual Dance~

Sacred Shakti Dance


The Sacred Shakti Dance is a "Sisterhood Ritual Dance" container and global healing prayer. The primary intention is to reconnect with the elements/the eternal Shakti Ma through movement, song and prayer. Together we create an unconditionally loving and supportive space for the sisterhood to awaken our Divine Feminine Shakti power within. 

In this ceremonious journey, we are free to be wild as we shamelessly explore our primordial expression. Throughout the journey, we fine tune our awareness of the subtle energy body by focusing our attention on our chakras, essentially utilizing these energy centers as a map. Each journey is specifically designed to align with the current astrological pulse of the cosmos. 

I invite you to bring your most Sensual, Vulnerable, Playful Divine Self to LIFE! Each time we gather with prayer and breath as our anchor, we are blessed to experience a fully integrated transformation.


Yours Truly, 

Asheeliyah Insha


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Sacred Shakti Dance ~ Sisterhood Ritual Dance ~ Ecstatic, Sensual Movement
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Since the beginning of time people have danced. Every culture on the planet has embraced dance as part of their ritual traditions, in celebration, as a form of worship, or for the sheer pleasure of surrendering the body. The ancients danced to embody spirit, to know oneness and unity with Source, to lose themselves in the powerful rhythmic beats that could induce ecstatic states of trance. They would combine dance with breath to reach altered states of consciousness, shifting focus from the mundane world into worship of the Divine.

The Ancient temples of the goddess celebrated the Sacred feminine and would utilise the power of dance as a form of worship and often this dance was sensual, sexual, as is the nature of women. Shakti is an eastern term used to describe the sacred feminine life force that all women carry. Shakti literally means creative energy and power and is sometimes referred to as the Great Divine Mother, the original force behind the creation of the Universe. This energy lies in the womb and the yoni, wrapped around the sacrum and hips and when women dance, they can awaken this powerful life force and unleash it throughout the body. When women consciously dance to connect with the kundalini shakti, to deeply breath and raise energy, it is then that the dance can become an act of worship as it did in many ancient cultures, as it did in the temples of the goddess. By opening the chakras and breathing energy up and through the body, the dancer can enter into ecstatic states of trance that can lead to full body orgasm, guiding the dancer into deeper connection with body and Soul. 

Author: Kerri Ryan

Our mission is to share this healing modality with women across the globe!!

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